who! ah, who?

Papa Osmubal (aka Oscar Balajadia) is a Filipino artist-poet residing in Macau. His works, literary and visual, have appeared through the years in various places and anthologies, online and hardcopy. He has an MA in English Studies from the University of Macau.


5 Responses to who! ah, who?

  1. Reid Mitchell says:

    Thanks for reposting–and illustrating–my poems from several years back. REid Mitchell

  2. Emily Strauss says:

    Please contact me regarding four of my poems you have reprinted from other sources, without my knowledge. I am currently living in the U.S. and would like to discuss possible original publication on your site. Thank you.

    • macaupoetics says:

      Apologies, Emily. We got your poems from a collection somewhere. They talk of something familiar we have in Macau and China, that is why we were interested in posting them on our site. If you have anything on Macau, please send them and we would be happy to post them for the Macau readers.

  3. D.A. Smith says:

    Two questions: 1) can one submit directly to you/this site, and 2) do you only accept poems in English?

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