windblown ©papa osmubal

windblown ©papa osmubal


zoe zhai yu

I feel the wind
pushes away all things
pushes even time away
turns me into a pendulum
the wind drinks
the moon
in the well



the anatomy of feelings ©papa osmubal

the anatomy of feelings ©papa osmubal


zoe zhai yu

in the pants
and fear has a spine

blacked out
then fear can fly around
but never outside
this bedroom

not ordinary
not routine
still passage of time

I forced you
to swear to God
the one you believe or pretend to believe in
does any god matter
this time?
can God whitewash a fear
in a bedroom?

look at that spine
strong and straight
but how can you tell
there’ s no fear inside?

google bird’s gone

dragon ©papa osmubal

dragon ©papa osmubal

google bird’s gone

zoe zhai yu

what a bitter nation–
five thousand years of history
and we’d rather send
a sickle and a hammer
to beat down all innocent songs
Ying Zheng– the first emperor
of Qin
the book burner
sits on them
white bones
in his City of Mercury
and his laughter
scorning the Fürher –
my thousand year empire
not yours

a cat died eating poison

cat on a tree ©papa osmubal

cat on a tree ©papa osmubal

a cat died eating poison

— zoe zhai yu

can you wait for me
in front of the gate
as you did before?

for vermin but not the cat
that’s why
mum doesn’t allow me
to keep a pet
when they die, half of you dies with them

they’re on the other side
but there they stood,
the ones we loved
I witness
in this world

no one wants to help
who cares for a carcass
vomit? milk or poison?
better throw up
this dirty world
her eyes straight staring at the bloody sky
hollow and helpless

you shouldn’t die
neither should I

a wedding to the short sighted

keeping the distance©papa osmubal

keeping the distance©papa osmubal

a wedding to the short sighted
zoe zhai yu

he is kissing his bride
a wedding’s being filmed?
love comes across the road
bus window carries me closer

I see him bending, making focus
and I see
he is just playing with his tripod
not his bride’s dress
it’s the tripod he’s married
the wedding and the dress
were better
I should have kept
my distance

zoe zhai yu


Zoe Zhai Yu, a native of the north, studied MA in English in the English Department at the University of Macau.  She aims to pursue a poetic life by swimming in the sea of literature.