pedestrian overpass, rua do campo

macau pedestrians©papa osmubal

macau pedestrians©papa osmubal

pedestrian overpass, rua do campo
tan xiaowen and wu xiurao

high over the street
of bosses passing
horns sounding from under

man half naked
and a little limbless
keeps kowtowing
bom bom
the forehead hits
the pavement

which is his platform
stage over the street

bom bom
for the punters
a coin or a note drops
they give or they won’t
he’s still a professional
nothing can break his calm

this lying around
is never restful
bitter hands around the bowl
hard work got him there

lunch time
break for the chicken rice box
just like the rest of us
he eats!

and when he goes
back to work
bom bom
you too can be his boss
just one pataca
or a crumpled ten’s
all it takes

the same coin
always comes back
attach it to a string
see how long
a man can kowtow