peter and mary



young couple ©papa osmubal

young couple ©papa osmubal

peter and mary
tammy ho lai-ming

There’s no such regularity as this:
He shaves every time her period starts;
In the sink foamed seaweed-like beard.

Also, this is regular: they’re on the fragile
Spot of the bed whored from Ikea. Below,
A wooden pane is broken or missing, the

Cause of which is uncannily frosted. Never
Many clean clothes in the midget fridge or
The closet. Fast-food containers with

Their leftover calorie awaiting some Sunday
To be taken away, reincarnated forever.



Tammy Ho Lai-Ming studied at the University of Hong Kong, where she obtained her BA (First-Class Honours) and MPhil. Her MPhil thesis, entitled “Reading Aloud and Charles Dickens’s Style”, explores how Dickens’s writing style was influenced by the practice of reading aloud. The thesis also discusses the interrelation between literature and linguistics (especially the concept of orality/aurality and iconicity) in prose fiction.