the art of buying a ruby ring

bright red©papa osmubal

bright red©papa osmubal

the art of buying a ruby ring
patrick coyne

Bright blood-red stone of love alive in me:
Intractable insistence there must be
No flaw or imperfection in the stone;
The color cuts too close to blood and bone.


i promised i would write a poem

lotus flower ©papa osmubal

lotus flower ©papa osmubal

i promised i would write a poem
patrick coyne

I promised I would write a poem
For you and I would,
If only I could forget the ones
That flame brightly in your eyes:
Light beyond comprehension,
Dark beyond explication,

A tenuous chiaroscuro
Too vague to reach and grasp
And trap in a web of words:

As if against a shining sky
There lingered silence
In the shadowy screams

Of numberless birds

patrick coyne


Patrick Coyne has many years of teaching experience in the USA, the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau.  He teaches in the Department of English at the University of Macau.