a young married woman’s worries

young woman©papa osmubal

young woman©papa osmubal

a young married woman’s worries

ng kuok cheong

San Ma Lou—Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

at crossroads tower two giants east and west
one is called the remote vast
great Atlantic Ocean
he faces the other who’s even higher
comes from the Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers
the two obviously stand independent
the divine rule of change is the interplay of yin and yang
some people say they see in the morning
some shadow stretching from the big ocean
happens to knock on this side of the door
then the shadow on the same side recoils
swallows the whole ocean
shadow is the sun’s
distant unreachable play
but every day taking the purse
and carrying the basket what I step
on is always the road
not the shadow

to have a baby or not?
to have one more little spoon or not?
to share this big bowl of sweet
glistening yellow papaya soup?
to have ten-month pregnancy or not?
five-months of big belly
three-months throwing up
and one week in the delivery room
waiting to sweat contractions
and the baby struggles to come out
that terrible tearing
if I’d like to create a baby
you must create for me
a considerate husband
a father who loves his family
healthy lively kindergartens
schools that develop balanced lives
and meet the needs of our next generation
an all functioning society
a fair world
I am not willing
to take bloody pains
in exchange for a baby
trodden or

trans. Song Zijiang & Kit Kelen
(Kelen & Vong, 2008, p. 118-119)