village temple

statue of a chinese goddess ©papa osmubal

statue of a chinese goddess ©papa osmubal

village temple
lanshin chang

banyans forest the sky
stone wall dotted with moss
round the village
the locals say
the green heart
is the temple from Qianlong’s reign 

down the way
trail wide enough to tip-toe
past dogs and chickenshit
ends with Guan Gong and A Ma
the two oldest temples on Taipa

I moved into an apartment
overlooking the village
from the 9th floor arms
stretch easily into the frozen village
time shades it

reaching June
head still
pillowed on the lights of the village
hearing the dogs charge into the unknown
a jackhammer’s pounding just at
the edge of my dream

without thinking too much
I wrapped up the village
in a summer vacation
but forgot
to put stamp on
I left

fall came, the village half gone
Guan Gong and A Ma
in barbed wire
waiting for the move
to where?
a foreign name
with an unfamiliar sound
cement roof
of a cement building

the three legged dog
not chasing his tail