love is not an ark

chop 'em, stab 'em! ©papa osmubal

chop 'em, stab 'em! ©papa osmubal

love is not an ark

guy cha sui gai

wreaths of smoke
sweet doughnuts
haven’t heard from you
for years
we spoke today
in my dream
you lie on the beach
and do nothing every day
here’s your cake
come eat
before it burns down
I am the fog living in the well
take the day off, hide myself
and look at
the roundness of the sky

son, be a sword
and stab me

guy cha sui gai


Guy Cha Sui Gai, was born in Macao and has always lived near the Red Market. Of Taiwanese ancestry, proudly unemployed, he spends most of his days keenly observing Macao’s lowlife restaurant culture.