bitter melon

bittermelon ©papa osmubal

bittermelon ©papa osmubal

bitter melon

dodo gao

same sky
the sun on my side
the moon on yours
we share the same
bitter melon

you are resting
I rest in you
today still yesterday
I am able to turn back time

held between
listening to the words
of the bitter melon


remember to bring eyes

distinguished by color ©papa osmubal

distinguished by color ©papa osmubal

remember to bring eyes
dodo gao

blonde and slim
I envy those
clear blue eyes
like crystals
slipped over

bumped into
square eyed man
hang lou ng dai ngan ga!’
did I forget to bring my eyes ?

I can distinguish
the I from L
in Altira
it’s clear

cross another road
looking forward
I come home
I take my eyes off

fire at work

bright swirls ©papa osmubal

bright swirls ©papa osmubal

fire at work

dodo gao

We have a saying “sio en zhi
“Bang, bang, bang”, explosion,
colorful swirls, fountains, even smiley faces!
“Waaaaaaa”… people watch
on either shore
“bang, bang, bang”
why “Waaaaaaa”?

like coming onto
a suffocating highway
“Waaaaaaaaa… hou geng a
full of smoke
full of bang
full of terror!

a high-heeled lady
stepped on my toe
“Waaaaaaaa… hou tong a
My leg is now paralyzed

an eight-year-old boy
not watching where he’s going
“Waaaaaaaa…sio sum!”
he’s fallen into the water

eyes right
an emergency centre

look around you

shopping ©papa osmubal

shopping ©papa osmubal

look around you

dodo gao

away from home
fresh air
if only it would all
fit into my eyes

blue sky
white cloud
Colosseum, Maria Maggiore,
the Spanish Steps
these as imagined
I know them

in the underground
graffiti everywhere
so much
I have to look around
to find the exit sign

a woman wrapped in a black veil
her knees on the ground
faithfully begging
for a way out

and look! a woman with a baby
her hands already in
your Chanel chain bag!

sistine chapel

the venetian casino ceiling, macau ©papa osmubal

the venetian casino ceiling, macau ©papa osmubal

sistine chapel

dodo gao

eight Euro
I let myself
sink into corners
look up at ceiling and walls
till my neck aches

“say Cheese”
I can’t control this
pray, if you will
or break your neck

30 Euro
bring the centre of
the ceiling home
15 Euro
the whole ceiling
a calendar stand
for your desk at work
tired of choosing
the right souvenir
take this one
here’s your change

dodo gao


Dodo Gao is a graduate student at the University of Macau. She likes to lie on the beach and do nothing. Unfortunately this is difficult to arrange at the moment. Actually she is trying very hard to meditate on the beach, and hopes to find her next poem there.