build a rainbow

wait for the sunshine©papa osmubal

wait for the sunshine©papa osmubal

build a rainbow
debby sou

I built a fountain
for the rainbow
in my garden
sealed from public admiration

thousands of bricks
tons of water
my work complete
not without strenuous labour

just a little patience
that was my motto
wait for the sunshine
and always count on the fountain
to give me soothing colours
though somehow artificial

flying into my garden
hundreds of rainbows
the little girl from my neighbour’s
claimed to be the engineer

only a drop of detergent
into a cup of water
secretly she told me
blowing me kisses
in smiling bubbles

that’s my way
of making merry

digging deep

the harder for light to reach©papa osmubal

the harder for light to reach©papa osmubal

digging deep
debby sou

the deeper we dive
the darker the water
the harder to see

the deeper we dig
the harder the earth
the harder for light
to reach

funerals cannot bury

burn it over a candle©papa osmubal

burn it over a candle©papa osmubal

funerals cannot bury
debby sou

write it down on a piece of paper
toss it into a garbage can
drown it under the sea
throw it out of the window
burn it to ashes over a candle


give it a luxurious funeral

so that the world knows
is sure
it is dead

but you can’t bury an it

or you can
but it grows again

you know
it will always pop up
in haunted dreams
over a telltale mirror
in a sky covered with monstrous faces

its ghost cries out loud
hits hard with its fists on the heart
wakes you up in your self-willed trance
then you know at last
such a power
cannot be buried

tram ghosts

birds©papa osmubal

birds©papa osmubal

tram ghosts
debby sou

on a tram
I know I am not alone
the ghosts
are often there to play with me
a game fun for both

the ghosts
in various forms and shapes
often delight me

travel with the wind
carried by a passenger striding past
caressing my face with invisible hands

mingle in a woman’s perfume
it flees into my nose
lingers there long enough to subdue
all sensible reason
so lose my head

I overhear faint murmurs between lovers
the envious one eavesdrops somewhere
on the mellow tones in the air
behind my back
by the girl’s side
sniffing her sweet hair

it’s my turn to hide
but I can’t be found
simply not there
by being there
thinking only about myself
the world out there in the streets
forgetting the game with
the ghosts
on the tram

joy of the fall

flowers ©papa osmubal

flowers ©papa osmubal

joy of the fall

debby sou

bury petals
at the fall
reds and greens and blues take wing
as Zhuangzi’s butterflies fly
dance as if in a dream
beat the drums
as their wings fall
as the blue falls
we all fall

a break

daybreak ©papa osmubal

daybreak ©papa osmubal

a break

debby sou

this morning
the cuckoo refuses to get up
one hour late for its task
loudly it declares
day off! day off!
and away it goes

grab its tail
and paint a rainbow
slowly we stroll on the seven colours
no need to hurry

the dusty electric wires at dawn
a red sun hung above
on the ground purple shadows of men
tired faces
no one cares to claim

a bird
singing all day on the branches
a cat
dozing under the tree
no mood to chase for chasing’s sake

take a break
it says
and falls back to its sleep

everybody has a pet

branches ©papa osmubal

branches ©papa osmubal

everybody has a pet

debby sou

try to make stationary clouds move
by thinking
from the heart

nothing stirs

got to find something
or someone
to negotiate with the wind
the sails of the mill

energy for a day’s work
but this void inside the heart
eats itself up

feed it
with foreign sights
historic finds
beautiful lies
puppies’ eyes

turn over in bed
point to the faceless sky
touch every place
find a way
to make the day shine

kiss the bride
say I love her
feel her thighs
to make my life
more to the taste of a normal guy

hard to follow
when nothing stirs
life is still

go cycling
or just read a book
quarrel with a friend
to digress
to come close

hard not to pay attention to
that stare you
in the face