technicolor study no. 1

passing the time ©papa osmubal

passing the time ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 1

christopher mulrooney

of all the stray forward motions
of all the eyes
streaming toward
the big blot brightsomeing
there just there
sign oh sure

and the refuge of all this
on the flat earth

there I put down the business
as it comes
no more no less
just exactly what it says
within the limitations of the instrument

which is not so many as first appears
is I say
that is is said
faithfully transmitted
for how otherwise
and here I thank you my muse
of abandonment and betrayal
that were a hard lesson learned

it is stored in memory
as explained by experts
in this field

come and let us go down
from the street
through the loge
into the grand salon
you can just see the dancers
whirling after the fashion
of dancers
we take our table
the talk is good
someone offers our toast
we accept it

this is better than a documentary
how like a bird it seems
this dancer
a fledgling trying out its wings
a step or two

the gentlemen are playing cards
over there
in the light that breaks down
all our planes
into the spiritual orders
of a landscape

there is the butterfly
followed by the youth
or is it the winged demon
and the cooling angel
oh it is the elephant
and his trainer
the mage

I give you the chamber
guarding my memory
there is the girl
and now the fragments portend
a mere child
and then again
the bird of dawn


technicolor study no. 2

let me tell you something... ©papa osmubal

let me tell you something... ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 2

christopher mulrooney

Angelus Temple

the curve of the mind in space
is the reflection of thought
thought the many dimensions of which
all have names
I have given a name to this one
this rare ability
all are known to possess

the mind’s eye revolting in its sleep
projecting a varicolored image perfect in every detail
rich full colors
and the drama
for its critics

technicolor study no. 3

somebody's car ©papa osmubal

somebody's car ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 3

christopher mulrooney

the race car driver waves at the camera
and departs round the track
but not all the way
all the delay
has made him impatient
all the fuss and to do
leaves him cold
and so to warm his blood
he departs from the trackside interview
where the racing starts
onto the oval and that’s where
racing fans he meets his death
in time trials

the clock surrounds
his activity
like the metaphor you’re thinking of

technicolor study no. 4



waiting for the artist ©papa osmubal

waiting for the artist ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 4
christopher mulrooney

simply put the ringmaster
is an artist

those rings dancing in air
those balls
ladies in parasols wheel with their toes
are his vocables

failing this the troupe
clambers away with the town
in memory

technicolor study no. 5

surreal ox ©papa osmubal

surreal ox ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 5

christopher mulrooney

the musk ox

he is bred for his qiviut now
he was wiped out
upon a time
behold him there with the Eskimos
waiting for his fur in town
so to speak

technicolor study no. 6

towels for sale ©papa osmubal

towels for sale ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 6

christopher mulrooney

it is now he wiped his brow
with a lady’s kerchief

and her name was Veronica
and she kept it to her

according to tradition
for the sweat of his mane
under the groaning palm-tree
cedarwood cypress and olive
stained her linen with his face

technicolor study no. 7

lotus mimicking flame ©papa osmubal

lotus mimicking flame ©papa osmubal

technicolor study no. 7

christopher mulrooney

                       Samuel Beckett in his sanitarium

I don’t think it is worth the candle
to extinguish it
and at once

with this other one now
making his rounds