a governor without power*

fundação macau ©papa osmubal

fundação macau ©papa osmubal

a governor without power*

manuel barbosa du bocage, 1790

A governor without power, likewise a Bishop,
A covy of virtuous monks,
Mestizos and Chinese Christians, who work very badly.
Many poor, many vile women,
A hundred Portuguese, all corralled together;
Six forts, a hundred soliders, one drum,
Three parish churches simply adorned,
A Vicar-General without hopes of promotion,
Two colleges, one of them a disgrace,
A senate that is all powerful,
This is Portugal in Macau.

* real title and the translator(s) to this poem are not yet available, and have to be researched. (– papa osmubal)


Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage (September 15, 1765 — December 21, 1805) was a Portuguese Neoclassic poet, writing under the pen name Elmano Sadino.

Bocage was born in the Portuguese city of Setúbal, in 1765, to José Luís Soares de Barbosa and Mariana Joaquina Xavier l’Hedois Lustoff du Bocage, of French family.

Bocage began to make verses in infancy, and being somewhat of a prodigy grew up to be flattered, self-conscious and unstable. At the age of fourteen, he suddenly left school and joined the 7th Infantry Regiment; but tiring of garrison life at Setúbal after two years, he decided to enter the Navy. He proceeded to the Royal Marine Academy in Lisbon but instead of studying he pursued love adventures, and for the next five years burnt incense on many altars, while his retentive memory and extraordinary talent for improvisation gained him a host of admirers and turned his head.


this biography is an excerpt from Wikipedia