every day

someone still sees colors in a colorless world ©papa osmubal

someone still sees colors in a colorless world ©papa osmubal

every day

amy wong kuok

every day in imitation of the next
— so I experience the day before all through my life

every day might be a beginning but could be an end
— there’s a kind of middle ground we stand on

every day is equal to twenty four hours
— but the boy is punished for saying it’s a quarter o’clock now

everyday, the poet writes a poem
every day he burns the one he wrote the day before
— now he is famous in hell

still waiting for death the only hope


i can only write cliché

in a colorless world ©papa osmubal

in a colorless world ©papa osmubal

i can only write cliché
amy wong kuok

Night crowded with lights
The moon shouts
Shadows silent as usual
Big rats, small dogs, beautiful beasts
All blank in the lost city

The sky is blue
The river flows
Flowers blossom
Birds sing with a bitter throat
The sun goes home
Night comes

Fireworks laugh for a few seconds
But longer than your average poem
Clichés will outlive us all

The lines all start with capitals
But there’s
No free lunch
And no full stop


flowers ©papa osmubal

flowers ©papa osmubal

amy wong

when I was a girl
I played in a fake forest

the entrance–
a path with no grass covering
lay beyond the clouds

looking around
the trees in the box

leaving the homeless birds
alone in the dark

noise with sudden storm
frightened the beasts

thunder, roaring–
chorus of nature

mists never shine
but through the mirror
they chant and whisper

the exit–
full of flowers

* from Poetry Macao

amy wong kuok


Amy Wong Kuok’s poetry and translations have appeared in Jacket, Segue, Cipher Journal, Poesia Sino-Occidental and The Drunken Boat. Wong recently completed a Masters thesis at the University of Macau. She also recently published collections of her poems and did translations of classical poems by women poets of the Tang Dynasty.