church history

father and children©papa osmubal

father and children©papa osmubal

church history*
brian vanderlip

A large family
dressed up tight
and smelling of shoe polish,
we filed into Sunday morning pews.
Full-barrelled sun in the windows,
powerful trails of perfume and
lavender powder, swish
of layered skirts.
As father called the lost
and defeated to repent,
we were allowed
to be too small
to suffer true defeat
or accomplish real repentance–
instead we got candies for our tongues
and as the sermon stretched
toward noon,
we could too
and lay our cheeks on mother’s lap
while father shouted.

*from What Happens to Memory, The Netherlandic Press, Canada, 1989


One Response to church history

  1. Brian Vanderlip says:

    Who exactly is this monkey-mouth suggesting evil of my lord and savior??? Condemnation!

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