in praise of smog

smoggy night©papa osmubal

smoggy night©papa osmubal

in praise of smog
joanna radwanska-williams

Consider not the quality
Of choking
But the soft quality
Of haze.
Its Brownian motion enwraps
Green valleys
In sepia monochrome.
Pedestrians glide in a daze
Through wispy curls
Of palpable air
Which sticks to the fingers
Like gloves.
The smog’s maquillage
Paints Mona Lisas.
Consider not the coal dust
But its graphic chiaroscuro.
Consider not the exhaust
But the puffy nature of its wafting
Like breath of gray cherubs.
Who will praise the smog
Its dragon’s scales
Its tail softly flicking
The waters of the harbor?
Who will wrap this unloved child
In its own gray blanket
And put it to rest…

August 20, 1999, Shatin


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