cave©papa osmubal

cave©papa osmubal

joanna radwanska-williams

In a poet’s heart
There is a piece of ice,
Said Graham Greene.

A piece?
A cave of ice, resplendent, reaching deep
Into the soil of his being
The permafrost of knowledge
Preserving memory
In its original form
Like the Iceman Otzi, who,
When found in alpine glacier
Yielded all his secrets to the world
Five thousand years later,
His coat of deer pelt and his copper axe
His calculated risk
Of imminent danger,
His passion for the kill.

If we could dig even deeper, under
The cave of ice
The permafrost
We would find the magma of the mantle
Of the earth
Of the soul’s core —
The dragon’s tongues which cannot be tamed
But which give life
To the icy sparkle
Of his words.

August 17, 1999 at CUHK


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