beside me

beside me
song zijiang (chris song zijiang)

red fountain©papa osmubal

red fountain©papa osmubal

sweet words of spring drizzle

                               Quiero hacer contigo
                               lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos.
                               — Pablo Neruda

spring drizzle soaks my checked shirt
squares within crisscrossing lines

spring drizzle wets the streets
buildings within squares
outside tree lines

spring drizzle is speaking sweet words
makes moist the green lawn’s silence


strolling under the sun on the bank
only trees iron chains pebbled roads heard us laughing

fence©papa osmubal

fence©papa osmubal

words beaming

warm forehead
felt the hair wet
air sobered up dim eyes

through a fringe I could see
the red-wired net
and the green-strung fence

no besieging
laughter in the sticky air
in drizzle

a fall of paces

on the pebbled road in the square
gone with weighty heartbeats
like workers many years ago
hammering pebbles into the ground

hopped, sang
flew to the balconies

curiouis©papa osmubal

curiouis©papa osmubal

a song for kids

lunch brought to the garden
here we have light and breezes
shadows and stone stools
we laugh, we eat
sparrows hear us
sparrows sing
flowers smell the food
lower their heads
we are in the garden
we laugh, we eat
and there are stone stools
shadows and breezes
flowers and sparrows
and you
and me


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