the border

tricycle driver©papa osmubal

tricycle driver©papa osmubal

the border
leung ping-kwan

the border
bus stops for a rest
and goes again
tourists lazily pass through
the narrow gate
stop for a while and gaze at
young girls sat laughing by the stone wall
soft drink bottle
by antique store
a foreigner comes by
picks up a Buddha statue
‘would you like to buy jade?’
the old lady peddles enthusiastically
‘although this is fake jade,
there are others . . .’
can nobody see
a purer jade
behind these things?
the tricycle driver’s finger
points at the row of green trees
eyes gaze
on the empty vehicle
coming from the border
runs over the mud
lines in brown
then turns into another road
on this cloudy day, wind blows
tears the map in the tourist’s hands

August, 1973, revised in January, 1975
trans. Song Zijiang, Debby Sou Vai Keng, and Kit Kelen

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