tram ghosts

birds©papa osmubal

birds©papa osmubal

tram ghosts
debby sou

on a tram
I know I am not alone
the ghosts
are often there to play with me
a game fun for both

the ghosts
in various forms and shapes
often delight me

travel with the wind
carried by a passenger striding past
caressing my face with invisible hands

mingle in a woman’s perfume
it flees into my nose
lingers there long enough to subdue
all sensible reason
so lose my head

I overhear faint murmurs between lovers
the envious one eavesdrops somewhere
on the mellow tones in the air
behind my back
by the girl’s side
sniffing her sweet hair

it’s my turn to hide
but I can’t be found
simply not there
by being there
thinking only about myself
the world out there in the streets
forgetting the game with
the ghosts
on the tram


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