the red grapefruit

which are sweeter? ©papa osmubal

which are sweeter? ©papa osmubal

the red grapefruit

agnes lam 

you cut open the grapefruit
cutting carefully
like tearing down my cocoon
the grapefruit is opened
into two red suns
I feel so free

flying out from the cocoon like the summer butterfly
flowers are full of my eyes
sweet as the grapefruit’s red
the two pieces of the fruit stay firm together
plentiful like the smile of first love
it’s thus I fall in love with red

you cut the grapefruit into eight pieces
red mouthful by mouthful
it’s like eating my sweetest memories
I take up the last segment
and kissing this last piece of red
my heart becomes pale

the taste of a grapefruit
like your love to me
sweet and plump to see
bitter to the taste
like sorrow

when there is no more flesh in the grapefruit
the inner skin of the fruit is
so pale as to make me cherish
that sugary smile of the red fruit that was

I hold the pale skins in my hand
mind and eye bringing back the original
it’s like letting the cocoon wrap my body
and now I can see
the outer skin of the grapefruit
was never red at all


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