fire at work

bright swirls ©papa osmubal

bright swirls ©papa osmubal

fire at work

dodo gao

We have a saying “sio en zhi
“Bang, bang, bang”, explosion,
colorful swirls, fountains, even smiley faces!
“Waaaaaaa”… people watch
on either shore
“bang, bang, bang”
why “Waaaaaaa”?

like coming onto
a suffocating highway
“Waaaaaaaaa… hou geng a
full of smoke
full of bang
full of terror!

a high-heeled lady
stepped on my toe
“Waaaaaaaa… hou tong a
My leg is now paralyzed

an eight-year-old boy
not watching where he’s going
“Waaaaaaaa…sio sum!”
he’s fallen into the water

eyes right
an emergency centre


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