a sudden gust stirs up the road

tree brances at dawn ©papa osmubal

tree brances at dawn ©papa osmubal

a sudden gust stirs up the road

kit kelen

climbing the mountain
I thought of something

cold rain tormenting all the grasses
a sudden gust stirs up the road

friends scattered, family
how can they be helped, protected?

five senses, five emotions shattered
how does one get to be old?

sky vast and wild

da hua
the changing
the source of creations

everything returning to nature

the sun’s six dragons
rushing to the wasteland west

day by day, more jackals and wolves
the frost comes on the grass and the woods

in a hungry year
birds disappear
not a grain is wasted

waking or not
the fidget of the bitter mind

went up to the roof
saw the old stars
still stand

the seasons stayed as they were
though spring was everything’s desire
it too was with eternity

so loyal the starving
so straight the dead
I thanked the ancients
for their kind attention

dusk sky ©papa osmubal

dusk sky ©papa osmubal

the moon is a beautiful woman

ten thousand miles away
she is cool

all the way here on this hillside
yin air
the grass withers

the empire a city a palace

a blackbird in the jade hall
up and left
like that

the man of integrity. . .
no joy for him here
what’s he to do?
ah but too many names to remember

wealth and fame in the morning
always indigestion later
bad dreams

exploits of the ancients
have always confused me

the beautiful moon shines cool
shines clear

I, among all the appointed officials,
went to a far field
came back in the sunset

Xi He, the sun god, stopped his wheels then
four seas stood in the afterglow

so desolate the sudden wind
the owl cried high
other birds leaned in
all things scattered around

a man in the east
happy alone
why so silent,
so burdened with everything,
knowledge, the way?

hungry even at year’s end, the poet
closes over the makeshift wood
which you will kindly call his door

about to get dark ©papa osmubal

about to get dark ©papa osmubal

fire clouds
show up the white of the moon
full tonight

wise men and fools alike in awe
at daylight bettered

there are many moons
every moon has its parts,
horns and quarters, new, full,
waxes wanes

every season returns
so every star shines
not to be missed

wind shook the empty mountain
raised my head to the stars
all foretelling

met in the evening at the river bridge
not much to say in sorrow so deep

a poem had been left to tell
it was because of the corrupt government
he’d left the country

a long time parted from the ones I love
head full of home thoughts

as soul from body
life from its engendering soil

heart has its own way home

birds from the east, from the west
in sorrow

wish I could get past clouds
to the blue
drink in
the uncluttered infinite


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