a sinking fish

sink to live ©papa osmubal

sink to live ©papa osmubal

a sinking fish

iris fan

the sea is obese compared with such a skinny fish
and there’s no round the world in eighty days
when you don’t have the time or the money
all you can do is to voyage around your room
go deeper and deeper

that’s why the fish is sinking
and thinking about
sinking: if nothing on earth can
hide away from gravity
why not just fall for it
journey to the centre of whatever

most people are more afraid of distance than depth
a long distance relationship is more scary than
not being deeply enough into each other

almost impossible to get deep enough
so it becomes a dream, people sleep to that
wake up and forget

to sleep is to sink
the fish sinks to the bottom for sleeping
eyes open, pretends not to dream


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