i fall from the 19th floor

looking up ©papa osmubal

looking up ©papa osmubal

i fall from the 19th floor

catherine  qu tongfu

and so I see
the 18th floor
Jack’s just been fired
he’s smoking by the door

on the 15th floor
rewriting the rejected paper
Anne gets
terrible dark circles
she looks like a panda

13th floor
a dear John letter
makes a tough guy
burst into tears

the nice granny is
waiting for the door bell
to ring
she hasn’t seen
her son for half a year

6th floor
little Emily is scolded
by her mother
for watching too much cartoon

3rd floor
nobody at home
a cat curls up in the corner lonely and hungry

the worst thing is
all put away bad moods
to rush to the window
to stare at me

none of their eyes
could catch


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