everybody has a pet

branches ©papa osmubal

branches ©papa osmubal

everybody has a pet

debby sou

try to make stationary clouds move
by thinking
from the heart

nothing stirs

got to find something
or someone
to negotiate with the wind
the sails of the mill

energy for a day’s work
but this void inside the heart
eats itself up

feed it
with foreign sights
historic finds
beautiful lies
puppies’ eyes

turn over in bed
point to the faceless sky
touch every place
find a way
to make the day shine

kiss the bride
say I love her
feel her thighs
to make my life
more to the taste of a normal guy

hard to follow
when nothing stirs
life is still

go cycling
or just read a book
quarrel with a friend
to digress
to come close

hard not to pay attention to
that stare you
in the face


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