dream ©papa osmubal

dream ©papa osmubal


iris fan

dark cloudy day
children sitting
on a Ferris wheel
painted yellow
on the beach
watched the battle between
an elephant and a whale
waves shattered
rain dropped
clockwise anticlockwise
the wheel turns where
the wind goes

standing by the pond
we see through clear blue and
colourful fishes with their tails
each draws an oracle in the water

I was old
I was with you–
unknown magician
spread golden salt around me
purple fell from blooming lilac trees
and I returned to youth

you gave me a camera
I took a picture of
the rainbow in
the night sky
“there’s nothing” they said but
when I cried in my heart
I saw in the crowd
a glimpse of your smile

the full moon follows
laughs when I’m
running on the roof

black dog barks
chases after a
broken shadow

I take this for
an augury

I witness how she grows old in one night

she leans on the bedroom wall
absent minded

broken chair and wooden table
twisted neon light of old Shanghai
on drawn curtains

she used to write about
her mother – a drifter
her aunt – a celibate
and her childhood
ended at too early an age

she turns back without seeing me
but there’s something in her eyes
shimmering and catches my attention
like the drops of slush
lingering on the eaves
on the last day of winter


white roses in her hug
blossoming at dawn

she says
“I’m afraid I’d disappoint them all,
what about going upstairs and watch the moon?”
my father left first
with a few belongings
a torn book and
a pair of broken glasses

he said – they’d be in town tonight
take care of your mother
I’ll be back soon

then it was him
pushing a trolley
a paper box
over-stuffed with his things displayed
in my room hours before

he said nothing
only the draping sleeves out of the box
seemed as if waving me endless goodbyes

the green belt was a shelter
in the dark
my mother and I

we didn’t want to talk
I was old enough to know
we were here but not for
the new year fireworks this time

I knew those flowers in the sky
were another thing

something we’d die for
you pick up the white chalk
make a line
between you and me

I’m sleeping
what’s your dream?
I’m listening
what did you say?
I’m walking
where are you off to?

we can’t see each other
mime actors on the same stage

something tells me
you’re near but
it’s only my shadow
I encounter

a giant moth
charmed by the sun
huge wings
the golden light
shaking off
falling on
kapok flowers


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