egg tea at eleven*

street sweeper ©papa osmubal

street sweeper ©papa osmubal

egg tea at eleven*
elisa lai

a simple life
leading a simple life
is never a simple task

for you need an unusually simple brain
to simplify complicated things

to do so you need to know
how to forget, how to ignore,
and how not to think in the way we think
when we end up with all
the complicated stuff

thinking simply is an art
the simplest things
have perfected
take for example
the petal-fly
drifting down the noon beams
it comes to life
and flies
away from me

it’s gone
this is all very simple
what else can you make of it?

it’s hard to think of
nothing at all
so perhaps its best
to think little thoughts
just of small things

leading a simple life
you see
is never a simple task

you need a tiny simple brain
that really knows how to think

* from Poetry Macao


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