afternoon shower

shadow ©papa osmubal

shadow ©papa osmubal

afternoon shower
emily strauss

Far-off fishing junks like giant water bugs
squat helpless under the afternoon torrent
in a line off-shore, small black carapaces
mar the glistening sea pocked by fat
drops, thunder rolls past, the air is smoky
with the falling squalls, a curtain against
the ocean and shoppers in the street below
dash for an overhanging balcony
women clutching their purses overhead
but nothing is dry, they shake one sleeve
waiting until the monsoon lightens.

Finally the rain has stopped, the air no longer
liquid, the black water bug junks still cower
in a row, every roof drips its excess. I breathe
again slowly.

One Response to afternoon shower

  1. Frank De Canio says:

    Emily, the visual here is the visceral. Very evocative, strong images here. Needless to say,I enjoyed reading it.

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