harbin august 2008

macau bus©papa osmubal

macau bus©papa osmubal

harbin august 2008
iris fan


a behemoth returned home
stretched then kneeling slowly
down on a round cushion
skyline of flowers withered
laid under its soft and hairy belly
blind security lets us plunge into dreams


six in the morning
crossroad red light
uniformed men and women
on a shuttle bus
stuck faces blurred
on smoggy panes
down there written
li ming jian yu
‘daybreak prison’


on the crater
tornado whirled into her left ear
rolled up inside
brain eyeball teeth
tongue heart memory
all whirled out through her right ear
after this powerful event
just empty
three costumes
lion, scarecrow, tin man
it wasn’t a dream
it was a really true place
and you were there
and you were there
and you
and you
and you


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