beijing july 2008

beijing july 2008
iris fan

crows©papa osmubal

crows©papa osmubal

1. stratosphere

filled with passion, thoughts and plans
a giant bird determined to fly north
through the vastness of sunlit clouds
chewing on cud loneliness
of a saddled camel in the desert
of a blue whale on its road

2. hotel room on the fifteenth floor

at first it smelt strange, untrusting
three days later I found
dreams having weighed on the pillow
it flattened, bed clothes
with sweats of several nights
finally smelt a little like me

crows©papa osmubal

crows©papa osmubal

3. blackbird

hearing the sound of flapping
dark glimpse
a flicker on bird’s wings
I try to find out thirteen ways
to look at this
disappearing and reappearing
in the bush, among trees
and into my mind
weaving word by word
as of an old saying –
‘a wild bird’s entry into a house
foretells the master’s departure’

4. Houhai

late –
a backpacker
on bicycle
behind every
red wooden door
guarded by
a pair
of stone lions
an old or a new
a story

psssttt...©papa osmubal

psssttt...©papa osmubal

5. cathay bookshop

Pushkin, Mayakovsky
Anna Karenina and
the lady of camellias
all annotated by history
flown under a dusty
red flag
yellowed, torn
so secondhand

6. sculpting in time

arms of an old clock
frozen five forty five
not telling its death date
a wooden cat napping
on balcony beside
China roses in full bloom
waiting for afternoon rain
at five forty five


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