john tiong chunghoo*

John Tiong ChungHoo travels the world to do just one thing…write the three liner haiku. Readers may take materials from here for educational purposes, or put on their blogs among others. However, any publication of the poems in the form of a book in electronic or printed versions is prohibited.

John Tiong ChungHoo is an Asian poet whose works have been used as teaching material in Australian schools as well as in several prestigious universities and colleges in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. His poem, The Layered Cakes, was used
in the November 2010 GCE O Level Literature in English 2192/4 examination. The GCE O Level Literature in English is popular among foreign students seeking tertiary education in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

John is an award winning haiku poet and his haikus have also been used by the international haiku community in its haiku lessons. John has also been extensively published including prestigious poetry magazines at universities in Oxford, England. John welcomes academicians who take the initiative to introduce his poems to students in every part of the world where English is taught.

* biographical sketch from Poem Hunter


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