leung ping kwan*

Leung Ping-Kwan has published more than ten volumes of poems, including bilingual editions such as: City at the End of Time (1982), Foodscape (1997), Clothink (1998) and the more recent Travelling with a Bitter Melon (2002). He was writer-in-residence in Berlin in 1998 and has two volumes of poems translated into German.

He also writes fiction and has published a novel and four collections of stories, among them the collection Îles et Continents was translated into French and published by Gallimard in 2002. He was awarded The Hong Kong Urban Council’s Biennial Award for Literature in 1991 (Fiction) and 1997 (Poetry).  He teaches literature and film studies at Lingnan University and has published extensively on urban culture and film studies, among them are Hong Kong Culture (1995 ) and Hong Kong Literature and Cinema (2005). He has collaborated with various visual and performing artists, fashion designers and cultural workers, and had his poetry and photograph exhibition “Food and the City” and “East West Matters” in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Bern.

Leung is also an active translator and critic who has introduced world literature into Chinese. He was the first to introduce Eastern European literature, American underground literature and Latin American fiction by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Julio Cortarzer to the Chinese reading public. He was also the first to have written in Chinese in the late sixties about Kanzaburo Oe ’s short stories in English translation. Leung has since shown great interest in Japanese culture and literature, and has visited Tokyo University in 2003 with the support of the Japan Foundation. He has written essays on the urban culture of Berlin, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

* this biographical sketch is from Mr. Leung Ping-Kwan’s eponymous personal website.


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